The urban crowding is one concepts that accompanied the population increasing in the world today, the importance of this concept has emerged at the present time because of the economic and social conditions experienced by the communities, this concept indicates to social phenomenon depends on the number of occupants for a particular place, the size of that place and basic feature of the concept is the Social interaction.
Global and local urban studies addressed the concept of urban crowding, the discussion of these studies has produce identify knowledge and scientific gaps, and represented the problem of research, which focused on lack aspects of previous studies, related to the lack of clear and comprehensive vision to description the urban crowding and its multiple aspects in general , and studying this concept in Iraqi cities in particular, Thus determining the aim of the research to introduced more adequacy and clarity of vision based on the descriptive and analytical methodology by defining the concept of urban crowding, down to the extraction of the basic vocabulary of the theoretical framework and to benefit from the aspects and definitions presented earlier, then applicant vocabularies on one of residential areas in Baghdad city (zayona area), down to determine the conclusions and recommendations.