This research takes one of the important aspects that expose with cities in general and specially Kufa city, this aspect is the urban growth .Which come as results to the social, economic and political factors that may take place in any city. The variety of these effects made a different in the morphological types and the spatial relations to the city, and so the city will expand and growth randomly or planned .Also the varieties of so many researches and studies lead to give a plurality in the related aspects and characteristics in the field of urban studies .In this way we see the research approach to present a specialized study about the urban growth in general, types, levels and the effective factors, so emerged the research problem in : the Existence of limited knowledge in taking the effect of the mosque in the growth and distribution of the urban land use. to achieve its goal and solve the research problem ,the main hypothesis is: The Kufa mosque effects on the growth and distribution of the urban land use on the level of spatial and formal relations.
To improve the hypothesis we select vocabulary from the theoretical frame on by comprised analysis on three temporal samples to find their influence.
This research has been reach to the fact that Kufa mosque is effecting on the growth and distributions of the urban land use from a group of spatial relations represented in ( the competition, integration) , this take to increase the competition between the uses ,values, types ,positions, destinations and finally the inside value motion.