The creeds contribute to the cultural integration of society, because it has the ability to direct human towards a particular goal. The creeds ‎as a system contains a set of the thoughts and values that have an interdependent relationships by certainty.
For the purpose of identifying the Islamic faith systems‏ ‏ have been extrapolated five Islamic philosophical schools, to get to the system used in the formation. The correlation in Islamic faith systems‏ ‏ represents by two circle. The first means how to get to know the true faith and the second means how to connect these faith to the people. The research problem is (find comprehensive framework for formation system of Islamic architecture like the formation of Islamic faith systems‏ ‏in the philosophical schools). It was adopted Analysis and installation method between the system formation creed philosophically and the thrust of the Islamic faith on the one hand and between multiple vocabulary of architecture constitute about Islamic architecture in a series of studies on the other.
It Has been reached that the formation of the Islamic architecture starts from different Beginnings bounded by sharia (Quran and Sunnah) and outside the limit does not call it Islamic architecture .this process should be fine in two area: Arthroscopy and applied, and the link between them is the acknowledgment area, which accounted for architecture achieved by Ethical Function . The Human is the axis in all these formation process as it represents thought in theoretical side and is working in the practical side and represents a target in the region bond between them.