This research deals with the hybrid shopping centers which binding and accumulating the indoor by the outdoor in the Arabian Islamic culture and environment, hopes to get back these kind of building type by the inspiration of the designing, esthetics, functioning, and environmental aspects in the Islamic culture and Arabian environment.
In the conclusion, the results of studying other related researches is the research problem, which is: (the absence of the relationship operation between indoor and outdoor spaces, and its role in the enhancing of commercial buildings).
The research aim is: (doing the integration between the indoor and the outdoor which is leading to enhance the commercial buildings in the Islamic and Arabian environment by dealing with the esthetics, environmental, functioning, and entertaining aspects).
For that, the research depends on four major vocabularies gathered from the review and studying of a related studies. The first one is (composing the separation boarder), it's involved to study how this separation boarder (between the indoor and
the outdoor) composing. The second vocabulary (the impact of composing the separation boarder)
explores about how the impact each separation boarder kinds in the relationship between the indoors and outdoors spaces, and between the person themselves.
The third vocabulary (separation boarder kinds) studies the kinds of these separation boarders. The last one ( the attractive outdoors) concentrates on how to attract shoppers toward the outdoors depending on the out itself.
At the end, the research concluded many results, such as: the separation boarder is like a fine art panel border (the panel refers to the outdoors), this border may at the first seen means nothing but it contributes to present this panel, displays its beauty, and attract the audience.