Photogrammetry is an approach that can determine the size and the shape of objects through analyzing images recorded by a photographic or video camera.This paper studies measuring and evaluating the structure by using analytical close range photogrammetry method since it is characterized by; high precision, low effort and cost, as well as the possibility of measuring and / or assessing inaccessible places.The objective of the present study is toassess the distortion that occur during projects execution in compare with charts and designs and detect the problem by using (DCRP) with high precision to make a decision to keep or stop working.Several methods can be applied in data processing to determine 3D coordinates of object points for two or more images. To evaluate data processing using four commercial software (LPS, PhotoModeler, Photogrammetric MATLAB and AutoCAD Civil 3D). Also to overcome the difficulty of obtaining Ground Control Points (GCPs) that covers the photogrammetric object, a Portable Control System (PCS) had been established.Using a single camera Canon EOS 500D with image size is (4752 x 3168) pixels to capturing images. Two approaches used for 3D assessment of structure (single model and all models). This study depended structure of directorate of engineering projects at the university of technology this structures represented the study area.The results of analysis processes (3D model) will help the researcher to detect the distortion and suggest the proper solution for dissolve and develop it. The precision obtained from this results show high precision. The results are very promising ranges between (0.18 – 1.77) mm.