Selenium (Se) is an essential micronutrient for living cell to be highly rich antioxidants, anti aging, anti cancer and many diseases. Also having an important effect on plant growth as a nutrient. Wheat is an important dietary source of organic selenium. Experiment in north Baghdad included six levels of Selenium Sulphate solution applied as a foliage feeding on wheat plant to increase grain Se content (Biofortification) and to improve grain yield .Results showed that grain selenium concentration increased to 4.5 mg per kg at the upper level (5mgm/L). Grain yield (ton/ha) showed a positive response, the yield was increased by 123% attributed to increasing of spikes per m2, 1000 grain weight and grain no. per spike. Biomass yield also showed a positive response to increased (se) solution concentration by doubled at the upper limit. Over all, these results encourage us to increase the upper limit of (Se) solution concentration to obtain the climax point.