This study investigates the effect of drinking magnetically treated water (MTW) on animal's immune response against bacterial infection to see whether MTW improve the health and the immune response of the body, as MTW producers claimed. 32 female rabbits were housed for 58 days and divided into two groups (treated group and control group) where treated group drank magnetized water with 3500 Guse while control group drank tap water. In the twenty three day, they injected with Salmonella typhi somatic antigen (O-Ag) according to immunization schedule for bacteria. Coulter counter was used for measurement of innate immunity (White blood cell, lymphocyte, monocyte and granulocyte) and Architect system was used for detection of adaptive immune system (immunoglobulin M-IgM titer). No significant difference among treated group and control group was observed in innate immunity before and after vaccination with Sallmonella typhi (O-Ag). However, hemoglobin concentrations show significant decrease (p=0.027) in treated animals after vaccination with salmonella typhi O-Ag. Additionally no immunoglobulin G (IgG) was detected after 7 days from the immunization schedule, while IgM was detected and shows a significant elevation (p=0.030) in control group compared with treated group. For this reason magnetically treated water not only has no effect on hematological parameter but also has adverse effect on immune response to bacterial infection in rabbit.