This paper deals with the role of communication in environmental management and the importance of communication as it is contact one of the cornerstones in our daily life as he knew Carl Hofland as “a process that conveys whereby existing contact cues are usually symbols of language in order to modify the behavior of other individuals futuristic message”, refers George Lindberg to connect as a process which refers to the reaction by the mark and symbols that may be movements, image, or another language or works as an alarm behavior. Include environmental management process of developing environmental goals and find ways to implement them, such as the protection of biological systems and upgraded, and involve management of the environment to manage all vital natural components of the environment, and the connection works on the administration to the environment by the need to develop a vision for the work of internal and external communications for the management of environmental issues by moving the work force and continuity of the right way, and explain environmental policy and environmental management systems, and determine the extent of the possibility of the development of environmental management system, monitoring and evaluation of environmental performance, so the contact is an important engine in the process of environmental management and work to stand on environmental problems and address them.