This paper presents a watermarking protocol that is used for protecting any digital image and working as a copyright registration for any important image to any user who feels his/her image is important. The registration by this server is applied only once for any input image by keeping the date and the time of the registration with secure authentication process. The authentication process combines both the encryption and the digital signature to generate the invisible watermark that will be added to the image and only the visible watermark will be shown on the lower/right corner of the client image.
The proposed protocol has three stages represented by watermark generation, watermark embedding and verification. For the first stage, three steps should be followed to generate a watermark. In the first step, the phone number with international code is encrypted using SHA-1, in the second step, the result of the first step and a watermark text are encrypted using SHA-1 hash function again and the third step encrypts the result of the second step using RSA algorithm. For the second stage of the protocol discrete wavelet transform algorithm is used for watermark embedding. And for the third stage a matching is done between the retrieval watermarks with the decrypted one.
As a result both concepts of integrity and authenticity can be obtained from the proposed protocol, because hash function using SHA-1 is still secure just time so the system is guaranteed to the two parties: the cover originality, safe transmission with full integrity, and full authenticity.