In this work, no-fine lightweight concrete was produced by using crushed bricks, thermostone as coarse aggregates to produce lightweight concrete. For both, superplasticizers were added to the mixture, the specimens were then cured in water for (7, 28, 60) days respectively.
Compressive strength determine the mechanical properties, Physical properties of these concrete types were examined through thermal conductivity and fresh density. The compressive strength test showed that the compressive strength of the concrete was about (8-15.7) N/mm2 by
using natural gravel aggregate, (4.8-8.1) N/mm2 by using crushed bricks, and (3.14-5.4) N/mm2 by using thermostone aggregate. After 28 days, the thermal conductivity were (0.58),(0.41),(0.26) W/m.k, for the natural gravel ,crushed bricks and thermostone concrete.
Besides; these concrete types are characterized by their low cost, environmentally friendly,high production rate, fire resistance, thermal insulation and light weight.