Seven extracts were prepared from the fresh and dried leaves of Plantagolanceolataplant. Various specific chemical reagents were used to differentiate several functional groups extracts .The results of the experiments undertaken showed the presence of certain chemical compounds (phenols ,tannins ,glycosides and polysaccharides ) and absence of proteins in six extracts . Whereas extract number 7 gave only tannins and phenols .pH measurements were performed for all the extracts , they were ranging from 5.1 to 5.3 . The results of the effect of inhibition test that was conducted by employing pathogenic bacteria of renal disease (Esherichia coli,Salmonelatyphi , Shigellaspp. , Klebsiellaspp. , Proteus mirabilis ) occurring of interference . This interference was happened between the phenols and tannins with glycosides and polysaccharides led to the absence of the inhibition in extracts 1-6.But in case of extract No. 7 , when glycosides and polysaccharides washed , different diameters of inhibition ( 18.3 , 16.3 , 21 , 19 mm ) zone were appeared for all pathogenic bacteria (Esherichia coli ,Salmonelatyphi , Shigella spp. , Klebsiella spp. , Proteus mirabilis ) at certain concentration ( 100 mg/ml ) The results showed that the diameter of the inhibition zone was as a function of concentration of the extract at the range studied (12.5 , 25 , 50 , 100 mg/ml ) and the lowest concentration ( 12.5 mg/ml ) represented the minimum inhibitory concentration ( MIC ) .