The present research intended to determine thermal properties (thermal
conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat) of concrete manufactured by recycle waste of clay brick and thermostone for using it as aggregate after crushing process. For this purpose, three concrete mixes were prepared one of them using crushed clay brick as aggregate and two others were used crushed thermostone as aggregate too, these three mixes compared with reference normal concrete mix.
Specific heat was measured by using semi-adiabatic calorimeter method whereas thermal diffusivity was measured by using heating-cooling system. Thermal conductivity was obtained by multiplying the thermal diffusivity, specific heat and density. From experimental laboratory work, it was concluded that the thermal diffusivity increase with concrete density increment, but the specific heat was decreased with concrete density increment. Thermal conductivity had a linear relationship with thermal diffusivity. Mixing ratio also had an influence on thermal properties of concrete.