In this work, reverse froth flotation technique has been adopted to upgrade the Iraqi phosphate ore from Akashat deposit as an alternative method to the existing calcination method. Prior to flotation experiments, a feed flotation was prepared by washing and desliming operations on 300 and 75 µm ASTM sieve opening to eliminate fine materials. In flotation experiments, the effect of the parameters, collector (oleic acid) quantity, phosphate depressor (sodium sulfate) quantity, solid%, pH value of the pulp (using H2SO4) and flotation time were investigated. The experimental results obtained showed that the flotation method applied has managed to beneficiate Akashat phosphate ore to the acceptable level for commercial utilization. The phosphate concentrate obtained under the optimum conditions (1kg/t of oleic acid ,10kg/t of sodium sulfate, 30% solid concentration, 6.5 pH and 3 minutes for flotation time) containing 32% P2O5, 0.5% MgO and CaO/P2O5 ratio less than of 1.6% with a recovery of 93%.