In this research the bond of strontium hydroxyapatite that electrochemical deposited on TiO2 nanotube with biomimetically hydroxyapatite formed was in vitro investigated .The TiO2 nanotube synthesised by anodizing titanium metal and Ti-6Al-4V alloy using special electrochemical cell prepared for this perpous,the solution that used consisted from 70% vol. glycerene ,30% vol. water and 1.5 % wt. NH4F.Different concentrations of strontium hydroxyapatite (0,50,100)% were electrochemical deposited by using solution consist of Ca(NO3)2.H2O , (NH4)2HPO4 ,Na(NO3)2 and Sr(NO3)2 as required , then the samlpes was calcined at 500 ºC. Then the samples coated biomimaticaly by immersing in concentrated simulated body fluid (SBF×5) for 30 days in order to investigate the formation of naturally hydroxiapatite on them. The samples were calcined at 500 °C in tubular furnace under air atmosphere.The optical microscope ,XRD and SEM tests were achieved for each step ,and FTIR test for electrochemical coated samlples and biomimeticaly coated samples were made.The final result shows that the TiO2 nanotube is successfullysynthesized .The samples that coated with strontium hydroxyapatite (Sr 100% without calcium) achived agood formation of naturally hydroxyatite similar to bone composition than the others samples(that contain 50% Sr or 0% Sr)