CdTenanorods have been prepared with the different reaction time period from 1hour to 3 hours. CdTenanorods visible photoconductive detector films have been prepared on porous silicon layer with etching time 10 min. The CdTenanorods crystallization has been studied, the crystalline structure appears hexagonal when the samples dried under vacuum at 400C° for 1h. The Hall measurements show that all samples were p – type semiconductor. The response time of the fabricated CdTe detector with different reaction time was measured by illuminating the samples visible light (Halogen lamp) and its values were decreased from 0.411ms for 1hour to 0.364ms for 3 hours, the photoresponsivity of the detector for reaction time 3hours was to be 3.25×10-6A/W and specific detectivity is found to be 1.05×106W-1Hz1/2cm.