The present work is concerned with the measurements of uraniumconcentrations in twenty surface soil samples from selected locations (some of them were measured for the first time as far as authors know) in Thi-Qargovernorate by using uranium fission fragmentU-235 (n-f), obtained by the bombardment of U-235 with thermal neutrons. The results have shown that, the highest uranium concentration in surface soil samples in the selected regions in Thi-Qargovernorate was found in T1 (AL-Refai) region , which was equal to (2.896 ppm), while the lowest uranium concentration was found in T18 (Garmat Beni Saeed) region which was equal to (0.779 ppm), with an average value of (2.077±0.4 ppm). The present results have show that the uranium concentrations in the studied surface soil samples were less than the allowed value (11.7 ppm) recommended by (UNSCEAR, 1993).