The use of a laser to modified the surfaces of various materials engineering is a important topics in the present time. Two types of alloys were used in this investigation; 6063Al and C11000 alloys. Samples were prepared by cutting into disc shape of radius 12 mm and then cleaning and polishing process to produce same surface roughness for all samples . Surface roughness and micro hardness were measured for all samples before and after laser shock wave treatment . different laser parameters effect on alloys surface properties were studied such as laser energy , confinement layer( different depth of DDDW) ,and number of laser pulses . The results reveal that the surface roughness are increased by 200% for 6063Al alloy and by 120% for C11000 alloy when we used laser energy of 400mj , number of laser pulses of 100 and confinement layer 5mm . While the microhardness increase by 80% for the two kinds of alloys and at the same conditions . Different measurements were carried out for all samples such as XRF, EDX, SEM , and different mechanical tests For precise and accurate results.