In The present work has been prepare samples of polymer and the formation of composite material at different rates (20%, 50% &70%) of nano lead to clarify the difference in the spectrum absorption bremsstrahlung rays through the process of exponential equations graphic representation of the rate correction as a function of energy within the range (0.1 –1.7) MeV using NaI(Tl) energy selective scintillation counter with 90Sr/90Y negative beta source. It was getting also attenuation coefficient of the prepared samples to the same range of energy through graphic representation of natural allegartm count rate as a function of the thickness of absorbent material as the gradient relationship diagrams represents absorption coefficient. The result shows a directly relationship, between the thickness of the absorbent material and the absorption factor. The result, also show that, a reversal relationship, between the absorption factor and the energy of beta particle. The results shows that , the samples prepared of good absorption for beta particles and absorb bremsstrahlung rays and this efficiency is relatively unchanged according to the proportion of nano lead additives which shows a positive impact of the materials prepared in the process of radiation shielding.