In this study, friction stir method (FSP) was used for include walled (Al2O3) Nano-sized particles into the matrix of Al 5083 alloy by electrophoretic deposition (EPD). The impact of these reinforcements on microstructural modification, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of FSP Al 5083 surface composites were studied. A rib cylindrical hardened steel tool was used with the rotation speeds of 800, 1000 and 1200 rpm and travel speeds 50 mm/min. Mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of FSP samples were evaluated and compared with the basis alloy. The corrosion behavior of the samples was investigated by potentiostatic polarization tests. Microstructural analysis accomplished by optical and SEM microscopes showed that reinforcements are well distributed within the stir zone, and grain refinement is gained. The reinforcement incremented the hardness from Hv80.083 metric weight unit for as castings to a most of Hv135.413 for friction stir. Although friction stir parameter has attenuated the corrosion current density (7.15μA/cm2) compared to the results of the as-cast samples.