The pulsed laser deposition method, PLD, has been used in this project to deposit the pure Wo3 The aim was to study the influence of temperature on surface morphology of the deposits materials using Atomic Force Microscope measurements at different temperatures of (RT,300 ,400)°C. The structural characteristics of the films prepared on glass substrates have been studied by using X-ray diffraction and AFM. These tests show that there is a direct relationship between the grain sizes of the nanoparticles observed at the surface and influence of temperature which means as temperature increases there will be a similar enhancement in the grain size as well. Additionally, we were able to find that the best of temperature was 400ᵒC. Furthermore, the characterizations of the gas sensing of these thin films were strongly influenced by the surface morphology. It has been also found that nanocrystalline Wo3 gas sensing material was presented a better sensitivity as temperature increases