In the present study ,nanoparticles cadmium telluride (cdte) on si p-type substrates heterojunction solar cell has been made byusingpulse laser ablation PLA.Q-switching, Nd:YAG laser (500mj,9ns),wavelength 532nm with number of pluses(60 and 120)pulseusingofthe bulk materials target in methanol solution. Optical, structure characterization of Nanoparticles suspensions studies by using UV-Vis spectrophotometry, X-ray diffraction (XRD), transmission electron microscopy (TEM).The photovoltaic characteristics included short circuit current and open circuitvoltage (ISC –VOC), where the maximum (Jsc) and(voc)obtained were 25.3 mAcm-2 and 144.9mv respectively. The fill factor(ff) was( 0.42) and the conversion efficiency(1.5% ).