The aim of current research is statement efficiency of different solvents (ethyl alcohol 80%, cold and hot water) to the extract the highest contain of active compounds for Thymusvulgaris andRosmarinus officinalis.The results showed that the alcoholic extract has the largest number of active groups in the vegetarian ThymusvulgarisandRosmarinus officinalis compared with other extracts. The results biological activity of plant extracts the against pathogenic bacteria (P mirabilis., V. cholera (NAG) and S. typhi) showed the phenolic groups and weak acids of alcoholic extract for both plants ,where the greatest impact on the bacteria at a concentration of 100 mg / ml for all species bacteria studied . S.typhi was more sensitive towards phenolic groups with 16 mm diameter of the inhibition for both plants, while the V. cholera was most sensitive for the weak acids 8mm diameter and 14 mm inhibition of for both plants respectively. The results of the synergistic reaction of the part extract bicarbonate (phenolic groups) to extract alcohol for both plants when blended equal showed increase diameter of inhibition of bacteria to 25 mg / ml concentration, were the S. typhi was more sensitive toward the mix and the diameter of the inhibition was20 mm. Both cold and hot water extract Separately did not show any effect inhibitory toward studied bacteria.