In this research a study of the effect of quality , sequential and directional layers for three types of fibers are : Kevlar fibers-49 woven perpendicular and E- glass fiber woven perpendicular and random on the bending using epoxy as matrix. Hand – lay up method was used to fabricate epoxy composite and three layers from Kevlar fiber as well as epoxy composites and three layers of glass fiber and then hybrid composite was fabricated in the shapes: (Kevlar - regular glass - Kevlar) layers, (Kevlar - random glass –Kevlar) layers , (regular glass-Kevlar- regular glass) layers. The results shown that for Bending test the sample which reinforced (Kevlar - regular glass-Kevlar) characterized the highest bending (8mm) and The less bending reinforced sample was (regular glass-Kevlar- regular glass) (4.5mm) even it less than the reinforced sample (Kevlar - regular glass – Kevlar).