Among the potent anticancer agents, curcumin(CU) has been found to be very efficacious against many different types of cancer cells. Chitosan-coated magnetic nanoparticles (CS MNPs) were prepared and utilized as a nano-carrier for loading of curcumin(FA-CS-CU-MNPs) througha reverse microemulsionmethod. This nanoformulation was evaluated against breast cancer cell lines in the in vitro conditions.Both shape and size properties were studied by zeta sizer, AFMand FESEM and the cell internalization ability of prepared nanoparticles was determined by fluorescence microscopy. It was found that the synthesized FA-CS-CU- MNPs were spherical in shape with an average size of 90±15 nm, low aggregation and good magnetic responsive properties. Meanwhile, the high drug loading efficiency (~73%) was remarkable. These FA-CS-CU- MNPs also demonstrated sustained release of CU at 37 ◦C in different buffer solutions. Afterwards the suitable dose and therapeutic effects of (FA-CS-CU- MNPs) for both breast cancer and normal cell lines were evaluated by MTT assay.The result showed that FA-CS-CU- MNPs retainedsignificant antitumor activities, no adverse effects was detected for normal cells.Additionally, it was observed that the FITC-labeled FA-CS-CU- MNPs could effectively enter into the cancer cells and induced cell apoptosis.