In this research, we are studying structural and optical properties of film (PVA doped with CuO and FeCl3).The(CuO)with concentration (7%),and (FeCl3) with different concentrations of FeCl3 (3, 7, and 9) %,preparing by casting method with thickness (25±5) µm,thestructure characterized by using (XRD).The investigation of (XRD). indicates that the pure (PVA) and doping films are polycrystalline structure. The results of the measuring size, micro grain strain, dislocation density and number of crystals of each sampleshaw that the grain size increaseswith increasing concentration from(3.676-11.57 )nm . The absorbance and transmittancespectra have been recorded in the wavelength range (200-1100) nm inorder to studying the optical properties.The optical band gap of (PVA) decreaseswith increasing concentration of FeCl3from(4.3- 1.6)eV,and extinction coefficient, refraction index,the optical conductivity arevaries with increasing concentration.