Oblique angle deposition technique (OAD) can generate nanostructures and has attracted the interest of many researchers. In this article we use this technique to investigate the morphological and structure properties of obliquely evaporated Cd films deposited onto glass substrates at different angles (0ᵒ, 50ᵒ, and 70ᵒ),and then oxidized in air at (573 K) for 1:30 h to produce (CdO) nanostructure. The influences of deposition angle on the structural and morphological properties of cadmium oxide thin films were investigated. X-ray diffraction pattern shows, that all prepared films are cubic structure with preferred orientation along (111) plane with peak intensity increased with increasing incident angles .The AFM results demonstrate that the film deposition at higher oblique angle (70º) has higher surface roughness and the values of (G.s) decreased as the oblique angle deposition angle increases (112 to 267) nm. Scanning electron microscopy shows that the films had microstructure with columns that are progressively inclined as the incident angle was increased.