The objective of this research is to study GF / EP nano and micro silicon dioxide (SiO2)composites were prepared with different volume percentage of nano and micro SiO2 powder (2,4,and 6 wt.% ). Atomic force microscopy techniques was used to measure the grain size of nano SiO2 powder (average diameter 38nm) and particle size analyzer techniques was used to measure the grain size of micro SiO2 powder (average diameter 6.069µm). Erosive wear behavior of this composite under three different impingement angles 30°, 60° and 90°and three angular silica sand abrasive particle sizes approximately 425, 600 and 850 μm and hardness (shore D) were study.In general the erosion wear of micro composites have lower resistance erosion than nanobased Materialcomposites other. Erosion resistance increase as the volume fraction increase. Nano composites of GF / EP with SiO2 have many advantages over micro composites from the view point of wear and hardness tests. The worn surface features of unfilled and filled G-E composites were examined using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and results indicates more severe damage to matrix and glass fiber in unfilled composite system as compared to SiO2 filled composites.