In architecture, there is a relationship between the forms and meanings. Causal relationship between the meaning of each other's perception, and the perception of the form with the designer. This relation resulted in what students' suffer the most throughout their architectural teaching process which is the difficulty of clarifying the relations during design process, i. e., difficulty of clarifying the relation during architectural design process as intellectual ability to generate design ideas; represented by producing highest number of ideas possible of forms related to a certain designing problem.
The method that has been employed the study of the form and meaning and their perceptions, associating form imagination with its meaning and usage nature to achieve association results. Disparity among architectural students has been distinguished through their tested performance on theoretical architectural design activities.
The phenomenon of associating the form with a certain meaning has been linked to achieving figurative usage through demonstrating the placement of form and meaning and their architectural relationship. Versus The actual usage of the meaning fulfills its role of leading receiver's mind to imagine the meaning unconditionally because of the causal language relationship between the form and its meaning is capable of achieving this purpose.