Theresearch evaluation is the current operational speeds of Iraqi railway lines within Geomatics techniques . It aims improving operational speeds where fined the level of speeds in Iraq has reached in some places to (5 km/h) for the north line. Also determining the factors affecting the speed and causing the decline of the railway, such as soil, the old design of line, the large number of irregular crossings, bad maintenance of fences, means of communication is very bad and almost without safty fences , a single line, except some lines and some climate element which reflected negatively on the performance of the railway, the large number of accidents with operational speed of passenger trains ranged between (20-90) km/h at a time (10) hours for the south line, and (20-80) km/h for north line. it is improved by reducing the time on the orders of caution, time to enter and exit from the station, stop at the stations time, increasing operational speed up to (80-90) km/ h, these improvements one possibly achieved by raising the irregular crossings or convert regular crossings to overpass , treatment of soil, good maintenance (for the rail lines, the protective fence), and the use of modern communication and signals system. A proposal to reduce the trip time from Baghdad to Basrah to (5.13) hour at a percentage 23% to (98-110.7) km/h(because it’s the only working line) as in the case at India where a study for upgrading track standards of conventional track with diesel and electric traction which is close to the specifications of the reality case of the Iraqi railway nets .