This research takes the capabilities of implicating sustainable community empowerment in the process of designing and planning Iraqi cities through the literature review that defined it, to get a final conclusion about the sustainable community empowerment definition that the research takes in its problem which is that there isn’t a theoretical frame for the community empowerment to take decisions in planning and designing cities aims for urban development for Iraqi cities. The research aims also to recognize the world implications of sustainable community empowerments to enrich the data background of the empowerment criteria and process, also the process of designing and planning the city. The research hypothesis is that the sustainable community empowerment is an urban strategy enrich the Iraqi situation in designing and planning cities also it could be implicated in Iraqi community to follow the developed countries around the world. The research methodology contains theoretical frame of elements extracted from examples around the world, the second is a practical frame depends on the theoretical frame elements with the questionnaire data and the personal interview with the expertise involved directly with the designing and planning process with the elements of the criteria and the process of empowerment. The research concluded number of conclusions due to recommendations of supporting the community role and develops it to get involved more seriously and clear in the planning and designing process,for being the true indicator for the success of the process.