Recently, the dental X-Ray images have been used in different applications, particularly in the forensic field. The researchers focuses on the separation of the underlying teeth individually to obtain their features. These features can be utilized as a key solution for the identifications. In this paper, an edge detection of the involved teeth is proposed using a three stages MATLAB algorithm based on different methods such as, CLAHE, Canny, Otsu's, and 8-Connectivity. In addition, the proposed algorithm extracts the features of the investigated teeth as an exported file. These features are Standard Deviation (STD), Euler number and Area which are extracted from the bite-wing images. The stages of the proposed algorithm are image segmentation, classification and features extraction. It is important to note that the missing teeth has been considered in case of appearance. The missing teeth are assumed to be a separated objects. This is to overtake the problem of missing teeth after registering the original ones in the stored database used for identifications. The obtained results show the clear outperformance of the proposed algorithm in terms of edge detection and features’ extraction. The missing teeth in an image are tested and the achieved results presents the detection and features of such teeth dramatically. The proposed system is implemented and tested in the MATLAB software environment using a personal computer of a Core(TM) i7 processor and 6 GB RAM over a 64-Windows 10 operating system.