For the sake of guarding the environment from the vital problems that results from the toxic effects of lead components, lead free (LKNN6-0.5%CeO2/polyester) piezoelectric composite are prepared in this work using cold press technique. Firstly, the lead free (LKNN6-0.5%CeO2) piezoceramics are prepared using normal sintering technique. The dielectric and piezoelectric properties of the composites were examined as a function of the volume fraction of ceramic particles, all composites showed well dispersion of the piezoceramic particles in the polyester matrix as shown in SEM images. The piezoelectric and dielectric coefficients were found to be improved as the concentration of ceramic particles increases. Although the procedure is simple, the composite prepared in this study exhibited better piezoelectric and dielectric constants with (d33=41 and Ԑr=157) at (80%) volume fraction.