This paper suggests an intelligent controller to control the manipulator movement in an environment of two and three – dimensional. The fuzzy logic controller of planning structure locally approach constructs of multi-unit. The aim is to transmit or guide the manipulator from the elected to a desired configuration. Modeling, scenarios and simulations are presented clearly in two dimensions and three dimensions together with their analysis which be done using MATLAB software. In addition, the results of the robot navigation in two-dimensional environments also compared with the results of the navigation in three-dimensional environments to clarify the strength of the suggested intelligent controller, where results (in rad) for the third link for both two and three- dimensional environments are minimum: 1.9548×〖10〗^(-4) and -7.452147499×〖10〗^(-4) in the scenario 1 also minimum results in scenario 2 as the following: -0.0061 and -0.0018. Simulation results indicate this manipulator successfully reached the desired goal configuration.