Electro discharge machining (EDM) is one of non-traditional machining processes which is used in important application. This paper has focused on improving material removal rate by adding powders (Al2O3 particle size 15-35m) and (SiO2 particle size 20-30m) to kerosene solution through EDM process with different ratios (0.1, 0.14, 0.18 to 0.25 g) particle size for each liter using different values of currents (8, 16 and 30 Amp) and (140 Volt) and (Toff, Ton 25 and 37 μSec),
Medium carbon steel is used as a workpeice and copper as electrode, the material removal rate (MRR). It has been found that maximum MRR was (0.2969) g/min when adding SiO2 powder (0.25)g/l and maximum MRR was (0.2781)g/min when adding Al2O3 powder (0.25)g/l, the Minitab model program was used to predict the MRR which gives a good result and agreement with experiments 99%.