This research is concerned with the study of Fractional order PID controller (FOPID). The fractional order controller (FOPID) is the generalization of the integer order PID controller. Which applied on robotic arm have 5Joints, practically and by simulation utilizing Matlab/Simulink. The Simulink by using tools fomcon version (1.0) has been added to the Matlab program. As well as the building and convert the robot arm of the type robotic arm edge. Practically the realization has been done using microcontroller Arduino which connection Matlab program by using tools box has been added to the Matlab program too. To control the arm joints of the positions that is the human arm simulator. Since the FOPID and PID controller has many parameters, which must be tuned to get the best performance for the robotic arm system so that the robotic arm system simulated in Matlab and interconnected with intelligent optimization method which called Bacterial Foraging Optimization to find the optimal parameter values that minimizing an objective function given as overshoot and Integral of time weighted absolute error (ITAE). The time domain and frequency domain performance for the closed loop the arm joints system compared for both FOPID with conventional PID controller. The obtained results show that the performance of the system with FOPID controller was better than the conventional PID controller.