This paper studies prediction the values of MRR and surface roughness in Electrical discharge operations. It is a operation in which the material removal rate is machined with elevation spark in the midst work piece and electrode sunken through dielectric solution.Through use Taguchi found that the accuracy of the measured and prediction values that have been is 93% and 99% for each of the MRR and surface roughness respectively. The effect of different Electrical discharge machining factors are (Gap, pulse off time and pulse on time) to predict the (material removal rate) and (roughness). Note that connected pole that was used is copper. From (ANOVA) found that the large parameter effect on MRR is pulse-on 65% and pulse-off 25% while large parameter effect for surface roughness is pulse-on 96% . The least influential parameter for metal removal rate is the gap and the least influential parameter for surface roughness is pulse-off and Gap.