The health sensor is one of the technologies of the Wireless Sensor Network for Medical (WSNFM), which has a wide range of sensors that can be used to check a person’s health data. In this work, a health sensor system is used to monitor a patient inside the ambulance along the way to the emergency department at a hospital. The system sends the vital readings to the emergency department using web based application and then save them in the server database. Two main types of sensors are used which are: body temperature and pulse rate sensors. The proposed system includes three main parts: hardware components at the ambulance, website, and SQL server at the hospital. The website is designed using and PHP environments, while the database at the hospital is built utilizing SQL server 2012 in addition to visual studio C# for graphical User Interfacing (GUI). Simply, the readings of sensors are transferred from the ambulance using the internet throughout a website to the SQL server at hospital. The achieved results show a superior performance of the presented system in obtaining the designed target as well as high accuracy and efficiency.