The construction sector is facing many responsibilities and most importantly ensure implementation according to specifications and plans in order to ensure the safety of the structure and avoid any failures during or after the implementation or after, because the defects and failures is one of the reasons which will lead to delays in the implementation of project, or may stop the work for reasons related to the safety of structure, workers, and materials, which will lead to increase the cost of the project (the cost of repairs, tests, and stop). The theoretical part of the study dealt with display literature and publications and previous studies related to the failures and the reasons for their occurrence and methods of treatment, and the role of project management in control the failures.
In the practical part, the researcher display case studies of failures and the reasons for their occurrence, also the role of the administration diagnosis and treatment. In addition to the preparation of personal interviews with a number of project managers in construction field of reinforced concrete structures to see the most important failures faced by structures, and what are the measures taken in the diagnosis, control and prevention, also a scientific questionnaire has been prepared depending "on the information obtained from personal interviews, then the proposed administrative system has been built to control the failures and defects in reinforced concrete structures by treating all weaknesses that have been obtained through the questionnaire and personal interviews. The proposed administrative system was applied through a computer program, it can be used by project management in a flexible and easy way, and also it helps to avoid the occurrence of any failure during and after implementation. Also it identifies failures to be controlled during implementation and after the completion of the project. Additionally the factors that helped to achieve quality in implementation have been identified.