In this study, aluminum foam was fabricated using sintering and dissolution process (SDP). Aluminum powder with a particle size (3.63μm) as a raw material was mixed with NaCl with a particle size between (212-400μm) as a space holderat different ratio (30, 40, 50 ,60, 70 and 80) wt. % and compacted at 200 MPa followed by sintering at 650° C for 2 hrs. The sintered samples were placed into hot water for 10 hrs to dissolve NaCl particles. Uniaxial compression test was carried out to determine the foam structure influence on plastic deformation and damage in the Al foam. The foam porosity increased from 28% to 81% for 30wt. % and 80wt. % of NaCl content respectively. The mechanical properties (compressive strength, yield stress and young’s modulus) decrease with increasing NaCl content.