Due to the urgent need for the development of higher education system in Iraq and move it from the traditional learning system to an interactive e-learning system, There is a need to find essential applicable solutions to fit with the technical and scientific development taking place in the field of e-education and e-learning nowadays.
In this research, a set of solutions that are faced in education in Iraq has been studied and processed to make them applicable electronically; the most important problems facing the transformation of higher education in Iraq from the traditional case to the electronic case have been studied and analyzed.All issues related to the traditional education (education administration, educational content, learning curricula, examinations, registration, distribution of professors and all interactive processes) have been studied and analyzed. These issues are converted to electronic case.
In this research, a dynamic integrated centralized relational database operating under the Web environment using (SQL), e-learning management system (LMS) and content management system (CMS) using the environment of ( version 2015), all interfaces and interactive communication necessary for the learning process electronically, have been analyzed and designed.
All possibilities, techniques, facilities and characteristics offered by cloud computing are invested. The research applicable results were examined and published on cloud computing through the allocated account on private cloud computing. In order to present a practical solution we have been designing and implementing e-learning system interactively to be served as a basis used in all Iraqi universities. This system provides immediate and interactive solutions to students who live in cities and rural and remote areas.