In the proposed research, it has been proposed image encryption method in the mobile device based on the principles of Shannon (diffusion and confusion). Where: a large group of keys is used. The process of entering the keys by the user is a very difficult In the proposed method; all the keys are extracted from the mathematical image properties, by a process of summation operation and the value of the mean. Image processing passes in to two phases, the first phase by using the output of the process of summation as a key to achieve the diffusion. In the second phase, the value of the mean is used as a seed to LFSR (Linear feedback register) to generate akey equal to the block of the image. Then process of the x or-operation (XOR) between the key and the block of image should be treated the output of these two phases is an image with the same of the original image size. Then by applying calculated time of encryption and decrypted are found the proposed method is simple, fast, and sensitive to the key. The suggested method meets the performance analysis examinations such as histogram, correlation, power spectrum, NPCR, UACI, Entropy and acceptable encryption speed; and it is resistant to statistical, brute force, and differential attacks.