Chrysin (CH) and Caffeic acid (CA) loaded polymer films are designed as antibacterial polymer films with the advantages of a sustained release. Polymer blend film was prepared by solution casting method of (polyvinyl alcohol) (PVA) blend with Poly (vinylpyrrolidone) PVP and glycerine (GL) as plasticizer in addition to glutaraldehydeas cross linker. The surface characteristics of film were assessed by scanning electron microscopy .Furthermore, the swelling behavior was followed in DSMO and PBS. PVA/PVP films were loaded with 1, 10 and 50% for either CH or CA. Release kinetics was followed for 24 hr in PBS at 37◦C. The cumulative amount released from the polymeric PVA/PVP film loaded with 1, 10 and 50% of CH over the entire period 24 h was found to be 0.087, 0.127 and 0.146 gm, respectively .While the cumulative amount of CA released in same condition was found to be 0.875, 0.766 and 1.13 gm respectively. Antibacterial activity for both CH and CA released from the film was tested against two type of bacterial strains Staphylococcus aureuas and Escherichia coli.