This paper deals to design and investigated two proposed loop antenna for pill shaped bio-implants objects such as wireless capsule endoscopy. In additional it’s help in developing an understanding of how the fields decay with distance. The first proposed loop antenna is the planar printed square loop antenna with outer dimensions 9 mm and inner dimension 0.45 mm, 6 turns, width 0.5 mm and 0.25 mm of space which can be easily integrated with a system-on-chip technology. The second proposed loop antenna is the solenoidal loop antenna where the solenoid had 9 turns, a pitch of 1 mm and a radius of 5 mm and can be easily wound in the form of a coil and encased within the pill shaped object. For both antennas the electromagnetic field was solved at 1MHz. From the radiation patterns results it can be observe that the surrounding pattern gain around the antennas is constant and conform the omnidirectional pattern associated to such loop antennas that fit the capsule endoscopy randomly movement within the human body in different directions. The design simulations and results are performed and validated by using commercial High Frequency Structure HFSS software.