Forensic dentistry is an important branch of the forensic science. It is based on the dental characteristic. This method uses the dental features as a biometric tool to identify persons, who their bodies have been affected badly. In the other meaning, the dental biometrics are considered at the absence of tools, such as, DNA, fingerprint, iris etc. for different reasons. This paper presented a biometric system for forensic human identification based on dental X-ray. The aim of this system is to build a database, which contain ante-mortem dental radiograph features (AM), used later for matching with the post-mortem dental radiograph features (PM). These features are Standard Deviation (STD), Euler number and Area extracted from X-ray image of type bite-wing. The investigated X-Ray image goes through three stages algorithm which are: image segmentation, classification and features extraction. The obtained features represents the records of the system database for each tooth individually in distinct person. The proposed system utilizes the Graphical User Interface (GUI) provided from the Visual Studio with the usage of MATLAB software for feature extraction and the SQL Server 2012 environment for database building. The Achieved results show the outperformance of the proposed system in terms of matching and searching accuracy as well as the finding time. In addition the editing and insertion processes are performed in high accuracy and efficiency.