The only way to ease extremely hot days during the summer is to resort to cooling systems to feel comfort. This idea brings an end to failure in cooling process to hot summer days, energy saving, and lets you rest. By recycling the water drained from the indoor unit through simple distributor fixed on the outdoor unit. There is two advantages due to rapid vaporization of the compensating draining by fan during hot air of weather: avoid the corrosion due to using the drain water in the cooling process, and get rid and consumption of the draining water to avoid any problem where place drained. The drain water is almost high purity (TDS < 50 ppm), and dust-free by filters of indoor unit lead to no salts accumulation, and reduce probability of fins corrosion of outdoor heat exchanger in salt medium. Experimental results indicate that the increasing of the heat transfer is obtained by using low temperature water, which ranging (5-15 oC) and the decreasing depend upon the hot air (30-55 oC), over the temperature during the summer in Iraq as well as the difference values in heat capacities between air and water. Applying this idea will result in power consumption reduction by the range (1 – more than 4 Amperes).