The Cadastral maps are very important since they have technical and materialist specification of the property borders. However, these maps despite their use as land registration in world in general but in Iraq; the old maps are unfit for use. Therefore, updating and digitizing the cadastral maps are very pivotal. In the present work, we have an old agricultural cadastral map since thirties as a hardcopy which was digitized then updated using control points and modern satellite image (QuickBird 2009) for the same area. In this research, we upgraded the methodology for updating of the agricultural cadastral maps of Iraq based on the use of Differential Global Position system (DGPS), Total Station, and Satellite Imagery, in addition to the cadastral editor extension in ArcGIS software to produce new agricultural maps. The tolerance of this approach was tested by root mean square errors in addition the parcel points were compared with land records and QuickBird image. The motivation of current work was due to there are no modern cadastral maps for the study area, which is located in province of Wassit South-East of Baghdad. The results can be used as a basis for the decision makers in addition; this methodology can be utilized to solve problems relating to land property in study area and can be extrapolated to other datasets.