Haptic interfaces for medial simulation prove to be especially useful for training in minimally invasive procedures. In this research, a framework that consists of relevant representation of operator and environment dynamic of a tele-manipulated haptic system is implemented. The uncertainty model of the operator and environment models is considered as well to study the influence on the aspects of stability and performance. The framework of H∞ loop shaping robust controller design is applied, then the stability and performance analysis is investigated. Parametric robust control design method is used as well for comparison. The v-gap metric is considered to develop an accurate measurement of uncertainty. Based on the obtained value of the v-gap an efficient procedure of robust control design is applied. The obtained values of v- gap were 0.1112 for the master and 9.755*10-4 for the slave parts of the haptic system, which indicate improved robustness of stability and performance as compared with the obtained values from parametric robust controller design.