This research involves nano-materials addition and interaction with cement mortar behavior for many mortar samples under variable curing time with constant water to cement ratio (W/C = 0.5). Some mechanical properties such as (compressive and flexural strength tests), durability (by water absorption test) were studied. The effect on the (Al-Mass cement) Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) type (I) by additives with small amounts of nano-particles (SiO2) and (Al2O3) were investigated in this research. The nano materials additives were added on the mixture of mortar with the percentages (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5%) for both nano materials with constant (W/C) ratio and also the amount of the fine aggregate used three times the amount of cement. The results shows that, the strength of the mortar consist both nano materials give better properties than mortar without nano materials in all tests. But nano silica additive gives good properties up to (3%) than mortar with nano alumina additive which give proprietress up to (2%).