A new design approach has been used to achieve a dual band response from a multi-band resonance. The design approach is wholly depending on current distribution analysis on the surface of a multi-band antenna. The proposed multi-band antenna consists of a slotted ground plane with a simple 50-ohm microstrip feed line on the other side of an FR4 substrate having 4.4 relative dielectric constant and 1.6 mm thickness. The geometry of the first iteration Sierpinski curve fractal has been employed to the slotted ground plane antenna structure. Two small squares have been inserted to both internal upper corners of the slotted ground plane as a technique to control the path of electrical current on the surface of the multi-band antenna. With this technique, the resulted antenna can offer two resonating bands with respect to -10 dB S11. The first band (2.28-2.6) GHz, while the second band (5-5.58) GHz. The proposed antennas have been modeled and simulated using two softwares (CST Microwave Studio and High-Frequency Structure Simulation HFSS) to verify the results of both antennas and the other antenna parameters have been studied by using CST only.