In this research, patch was printed on a rectangular radiating substrate Taconic material. The Taconic material used is TLY-5 of 30 x 30 mm2 dimensions and 1.575 mm thickness. Its Relative dielectric constant (εr) of 2.2 was taken in this research. The rectangular radiator of the proposed design was notched with two-step notches. These notches were cut at the bottom of the slotted patch with three similar dimensions slots. A transmission line feeder feeds the patch with a gap between the printed ground plane and the radiated patch. The proposed antenna design has been simulated and tested using CST microwave studio software and a network analyzer with anechoic chamber respectively. The measured and simulated results demonstrated that the proposed shape of antenna design achieved a very wide of operating impedance bandwidth starting from 3.5 GHz up to 12 GHz at return loss (S11) bellow -10 dB at 0.25 mm size of feed gap. The effects of three feed gap different values and the step notches are illustrated in this paper. The radiation measured and simulated patterns were obtained for omni-directional radiation to be suitable for several users.